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The Old Straight Track

Friday July 3rd @ 6:00pm

Experimental, singer, songwriter.


All Together Now-Beatles Sing Along

Sunday August 2nd @ 5:00pm

It’s time to come together (right now) to sing and enjoy your favorite Beatles’ songs.
All Together Now (aka Brothers Dunne and Tom Meyer)provides the lyric sheets, rhythm instruments, and the live music to back you up; you provide your voice and 60′s spirit. In other words, the band plays and you sing your heart out to the best of the Fab Four. BYOBA (bring your own Beatles attire), BYOBA (bring your own British accent), and this is a family event so definitely bring the kids.


Saturday July 11th @ 9:00pm

This rock band is from Mexico, They play acostic and electric folk rock with percussion and sing in Spanish.

Ampersan integrates sounds of different ages, nationalities and poetries. Since their inception in 2007, Ampersan has been rooted in the traditional, acoustic-based music of Mexico while expanding their reach through forays into contemporary classical music and sound experimentation. Mixing prehispanic instruments such as clay ocarinas, colonial instruments like jaranas and violins, and African instruments such as the darbuka with the distortion of an electric guitar and synthesizers, Ampersan gathers together the feelings of peasant songs, Son, psychedelic rock and electronica.

Baby Ketten Karaoke

Every Tuesday night we have karaoke from 9pm – 1am!
Visit Baby Ketten Karaoke’s website for more!

Bees in a Bottle

Sunday July 5th @ 5:00pm


Bellow Bridge - Celtic Music

Saturday August 22nd @ 6:00pm

Celtic Music

Bingo & Bourbon with Brian Perez

Black & Blonde, Hey Shut Up

Saturday August 8th @ 9:00pm

Booligh Irish Jam

Sunday July 12th @ 5:00pm

Irish and Celtic group

Castletown, Anchors of Ascension

Friday July 24th @ 6:00pm

Cedro Willie

Saturday July 25th @ 6:00pm

All female band plays folk,bluegrass,country sweet strings,harmonies and a bit of rhythm.

Chervona: Last Thursday Party

Thursday July 30th @ 9:00pm

Chervona: Last Thursday Party

Thursday August 27th @ 9:00pm

Chuck Cheesman: for kids

Saturday August 29th @ 4:00pm

Chuck Masi bluegrass

Sunday July 19th @ 5:00pm

Bluegrass music

Closed for July 4th

Saturday July 4th @ 11:00am

Closed all day

Damn Tall Buildings

Sunday August 16th @ 5:00pm

David E. Lane & the Tipsy Ramblers

Friday July 17th @ 6:00pm

Alt Country Music. Family-Friendly

Echo Pearl Varsity

Sunday July 12th @ 8:00pm

Indie Rock

Gayle Skidmore, Minor Birds, Back Down South

Sunday August 2nd @ 8:00pm


Gayle Skidmore  - Indie pop/Singer-Songwriter/ Apocalyptic Folk.

Minor Birds – Indie/Symphonic Rock/Apocalyptic Doom Folk/MINOR-CORE

Back Down South - Alternative Southern Indie Rock with a touch of Britpop


Friday August 21st @ 9:00pm


Thursday July 23rd @ 8:00pm

Indie Rock

Hungry Hungry Hip Hop

Sunday July 26th @ 9:00pm

Karaoke from Hell

Friday August 7th @ 9:00pm

An amazing live band has a large list of songs you can choose from – the band plays them and you sing them.


Kela Parker

Sunday August 16th @ 8:00pm

King Columbian, Jonny Ampersand, Michael Fountain

Saturday August 1st @ 9:00pm

Life During Wartime Talking Heads Tribute

Saturday July 18th @ 9:00pm

“Life During Wartime has been hitting the stages of local clubs since last August and has already generated significant buzz, not only for their exuberant interpretations of legendary Talking Heads hits like Burning Down the House, Once in a Lifetime, and Psycho Killer, but also for their attention to the complete Talking Heads experience – the signature licks and sounds, costumes, and stage props.”

Lorna Miller, Tallulah's Daddy, Mo Phillips, The Alphabeticians

Saturday July 11th @ 12:00am

We have kid’s music all day during the Mississippi Street Fair:

Noon-1: Lorna Miller
1:30-2:30 Tallulah’s Daddy
3:00-4:00: Mo Phillips
4:30-5:30pm The Alphabeticians

Lorna Miller’s Little Kids’ Jamboree

Saturday August 8th @ 4:00pm

Lorna’s Little Kids’ Jamboree is an interactive event for kids, parents, grand-parents, neighbors and friends. The Jamboree is available for venues large or small and is truly a family affair. Simple rhythm instruments, songs, imagination and movement are a part of the music Lorna and her guitar present. The emphasis is on having fun with your kids while playing music together. For more visit:

Lost Creek bluegrass

Saturday July 11th @ 6:00pm

Melao de Cuba

Saturday July 25th @ 9:00pm

Melao de Cuba: 100% Cuban Salsa Orchestra plays danceable music that uplifts your spirit.
Melao de Cuba is lead by Virginia López


Melao de Cuba

Saturday August 29th @ 9:00pm

Melao de Cuba: 100% Cuban Salsa Orchestra plays danceable music that uplifts your spirit.
Melao de Cuba is lead by Virginia López

Mo Phillips: Kid's Show

Saturday August 15th @ 4:00pm

Ridiculous Family Freak Out

Mo Phillips is a musician based in Portland, OR, who has released a couple of Americana/Neil Young-like albums for grownups (The Boat, 2004; Homemade, 2006), and Train Beard follows his stylistic leanings, except with kid subjects and lyrics this time ’round. Guitars, harmonica, organ, and the occasional bongo provide the majority of the instrumentation on Train Beard, supplemented by Phillips’ down-to-earth vocals.

You may recognize Keener from his weekly gig, Jam with Johnny, at the Portland Children’s Museum. Armed with his acoustic guitar, Keener performs sing-along family favorites to a group of enthusiastic participants. The kids are delightfully uninhibited and Keener skillfully entices them to shout, sing, clap, and even stomp their way through every set.

Mr. Ben: music for kids

Children’s music, ages 6 and under
For more visit:

Nikki n’ The Pathos, Shed Inc

Sunday July 19th @ 8:00pm


Nikki n’ The Pathos:



Patina, The Way Walkers

Saturday August 22nd @ 9:00pm

Patina: Alternative, roots, americana.

Poor Deers with Dan Haley

Saturday August 15th @ 6:00pm


Friday July 17th @ 9:00pm

Professor Banjo

Sunday August 30th @ 5:00pm

Paul Silveria performs for families as the banjo-slinging, old-time singing “Professor Banjo” entertaining children with sing-a-longs. He will also play folk songs for adults.


Promise the Moon

Friday August 28th @ 6:00pm

Don’t miss this great show by the band Promise the Moon, lead by Maggie Gibson.


Pura Vida Band, Latin/Tropical Music & Dance

Friday August 14th @ 9:00pm

Latin, Tropical Music.

Lead by sax player Gabriel (Pakito) Martinez from Costa Rica, Pura Vida Band includes the best musicians in town: Geovanny Perez; Piano, Milko Escalera Vigil; Vocal/Percusion, Bernardo Gomez; Bass, Ronell Aguilera;Trumpet and Jackson Coffey; Percusion.

Quizissippi Team Trivia

Quizissippi Team Trivia hosted by Molly Newman. Voted Best Trivia in Portland by the readers of the Portland Mercury. “PDX Approved” 2014
Wednesdays, 7:00 pm, sing up is at 6:30pm.
Ready for “the best trivia on Wednesday nights on Mississippi Avenue?” Grab your friends and head down to Quizissippi for a night of questions, answers, music, movies, pizza, beer and general mayhem. Teams of up to five players compete for cash prizes, and even bottom-scoring teams can take home a gift certificate. From physics to pop culture, there’s a topic for everyone. Check out for upcoming themes and bonus items. New players get bonus points just for showing up! Sign-ups start at 6:30. Quizzing starts at 7:00. Admission is $2/player. Intended for adults.


Thursday August 6th @ 8:00pm

Red Yarn kids show

Songs & Puppets! Red Yarn (Andy Ferguson) is one of Portland’s favorite performers. He gets the kids participating in his shows and his songs draw from the great American songbook of folk music. Adults enjoy him as much as the kids! Join us each week for dinner and a show with Red Yarn! His shows are 5 pm to 6pm every Thursday.

Rob Larkin, Annie Corbett

Saturday August 29th @ 6:00pm

Rose & Thistle, Rachael Miles

Sunday July 26th @ 5:00pm

Sam Chue

Friday July 10th @ 6:00pm

Acoustic folk & Soul

Sam Jimenez, CD Release!

Thursday July 2nd @ 8:00pm

The songs of Sam Jimenez are reflective of a 100 year musical history of train hopping, barrel housing, field working, whiskey drinking, honky tonkin, cattle driving, hard rocking, bar fighting, pot smoking, truck driving, woman chasing, time serving, sweat pouring, blood selling, street busking, trail blazing, gear hawking, folk singing, acid tripping, beer chugging, dice rolling, law dodging, foot stomping, hell raising, hitchhiking songwriters who sacrificed everything to write great songs instead of hit songs. It’s the result of those who traveled by foot, train, and in crappy little vans (if they were lucky) to share those songs with the world in spite of being scoffed at by the mainstream music industry. It’s a tribute to all the bluesmen, cowboys, rockers, and folk singers – black, white, or otherwise – who colored outside of the lines. This isn’t big machine music, built by committee and focus group. This is real sweat. Real blood. Real tears. Real life. This is Outlaw Americana!

Samsel & the Skirt

Friday August 21st @ 6:00pm

Saturnalia Trio

Sunday August 9th @ 5:00pm

Song Fight

Saturday August 15th @ 9:00pm

Tallulah's Daddy: for kids

Tallulah’s Daddy is a favorite at Mississippi Pizza Pub. Come out each week with the kids!

Tallulah's Daddy: for kids

Saturday August 1st @ 4:00pm

Tallulah’s Daddy is a favorite at Mississippi Pizza Pub. Come out each week with the kids!

Temporary Lesbian Bar

Thursday July 9th @ 9:00pm

Temporary Lesbian Bar, DJ & Dancing

Friday July 31st @ 9:00pm

Temporary Lesbian Bar, DJ & Dancing

Thursday August 13th @ 9:00pm

Temporary Lesbian Bar, DJ & Dancing

Friday August 28th @ 9:00pm

The Alphabeticians

Upbeat, fun, quirky, original music for kids and families
For more information, visit





















The Casbah Raqs: Music & Belly Dancing

Saturday August 1st @ 6:00pm


Join Mid East ensemble Ritim Egzotik for a special Fusion and Tribal Belly Dance show. They’ll perform some fun new stuff for this night, plus their regular take on classic Arabic and Turkish music with a variety of area Belly Dancers in the wonderful Mississippi Pizza Music Room.

Our Featured Dancer for August is

Plus dancing by:

Nagamani: Lorraine Hanson And Joanna Caselli
Lorraine Hanson:

Kali Lila of The Marrissa Mission:

Janelle Jackson:


*The Casbah Raqs* is our new name! Raqs means ‘dance’ in Arabic and the change reflects our desire for cultural accuracy. It also retains the cool Clash reference!

This is a family friendly community show that encourages participation of all levels and ages of dancers. There is also a new show format, so there will be plenty of open dance time for the audience.

Saturday, August 1st, 2015, 6-8pm
Free Show with $5 suggested donation, no one turned away!

The Shoot Dangs

Sunday August 23rd @ 8:00pm

The Tara Novellas, Band of Folk, Pretty Gritty

Friday July 3rd @ 9:00pm

Proclaiming their music Jangle Folk Rock in alternating war cries and whispers, this Portland band is nothing if not captivating. For instance, don’t expect that you’ll be able to tune out the lyrics to have a conversation.  Don’t expect to get the melodies out of your head.  And certainly don’t expect to leave the room, because just when you think you’ve pinned them down as a shredding rock band they will whip out the harmonica.


The Wilds

Sunday August 9th @ 8:00pm

Three for Silver

Friday July 31st @ 6:00pm

This trio of banjo bass, accordion and violin is hard to categorize; their original music is influenced by 20′s and 30′s jazz, classical, eastern european gypsy music, blues, folk and much more.

Three for Silver

Friday August 14th @ 6:00pm

This trio of banjo bass, accordion and violin is hard to categorize; their original music is influenced by 20′s and 30′s jazz, classical, eastern european gypsy music, blues, folk and much more.

Trio Tsuica, Macauley Balkan

Thursday July 16th @ 8:00pm

Two local Balkan music bands made for dancing!




Trio Tsuica, Macauley Balkan

Thursday August 20th @ 8:00pm

Two Planets

Friday July 24th @ 9:00pm

Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock.

Two Planets is a live jazz band with a rapper.





We Are Brothers

Sunday July 5th @ 8:00pm

This band draws form 60′s and 70′s classic rock.