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All Together Now-Beatles Sing Along

Sunday March 29th @ 5:00pm

It’s time to come together (right now) to sing and enjoy your favorite Beatles’ songs.
All Together Now (aka Brothers Dunne and Tom Meyer)provides the lyric sheets, rhythm instruments, and the live music to back you up; you provide your voice and 60′s spirit. In other words, the band plays and you sing your heart out to the best of the Fab Four. BYOBA (bring your own Beatles attire), BYOBA (bring your own British accent), and this is a family event so definitely bring the kids.

Baby Ketten Karaoke

Every Tuesday night we have karaoke from 9pm – 1am!
Visit Baby Ketten Karaoke’s website for more!

Bad Habits with Corey Heppner

Thursday April 2nd @ 8:00pm

This group plays jazz and funk.

Bellow Bridge - Celtic Music

Friday April 24th @ 6:00pm

Celtic Music

Bingo & Bourbon with Brian Perez

Dog + Pony Show

Sunday April 12th @ 8:00pm

Together again!  Dean and Scott bring decades of collective experience.  Introspective, heartfelt original tunes,  and fun covers.   Skills on just about every stringed instrument you can imagine.  Individually, together as a duo, or with special guests players, always a good time to be had,  and never the same twice.
Pensive singer/songwriter roots tunes in a folk/blues mode for guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer
Scott Snyder has performed worldwide for more than 30 years but Portland is his home.

Bassist and Multi-instrumentalist, dean has been backing up musicians of all sorts around portland for over 20 years.  A founding member of Portland’s own Vagabond Opera.  Equally as comfortable backing up a full electric band as playing solo, or doing a soft duo with a jazz singer.  Improvisation and creativity is at the core of everything Dean does musically.

Down Home Music

Saturday April 11th @ 6:00pm

Blues and folk, gypsy jazz, acoustic music.

Down Home Music is a group that plays all genres acoustic. Similiar to what you would hear on a front porch, DHM captures an organic sound that is full of energy and passion. DHM has been catching people’s ears wherever they go.

Filthy Fan Fiction

Sunday March 22nd @ 8:00pm

This event will be a group of writers reading their fan fiction; adults only and not for the prudish.

Green Tamborine

Saturday April 18th @ 6:00pm

Green Tambourine is an energetic band that recreates the spirit of the 1960s with tight harmonies, groovy outfits, and songs by the Mamas and the Papas, Elvis, The Ronettes, The Beatles, and more!

How Long Jug Band

Tuesday April 7th @ 6:00pm

Traditional jug band music: blues, jazz and ragtime
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Hungry, Hungry Hip Hop

Sunday March 29th @ 8:00pm

Showcase of local hip hop performers.

Inside Voices with Sarah King & Dave Camp

Friday April 10th @ 6:00pm

This duo presents a dinner time show.

Jenny Sizzler

Travolta Rock.
Visit us online:

Jenny Sizzler

Friday April 3rd @ 6:00pm

Travolta Rock.
Visit us online:

Jody Bleyle & Nick Reddel, Waxwings

Saturday April 18th @ 9:00pm

Bleyle is a pioneer in the Northwest music scene having played in the influential bands Hazel and Team Dresch. She plays an all ages show tonight highlighting her beautiful vocals.

Waxwings: Americana.

Kafana Klub, Macauley Balkan

Thursday April 16th @ 8:00pm

Two local Balkan music bands:



Krebsic Orkestar with Eric Stern

Friday April 3rd @ 9:00pm

Krebsic Orkester: High Energy Balkan Brass Band Gypsy Music.  

Eric Stern will open the show and perform with Krebsic Orkestar.


















Lindsie Feathers & Bob Schumaker

Friday March 27th @ 6:00pm

Blues duo

Lorna Miller Little Kid's Jamboree, $5 per family

Lorna’s Little Kids’ Jamboree is an interactive event for kids, parents, grand-parents, neighbors and friends. The Jamboree is available for venues large or small and is truly a family affair. Simple rhythm instruments, songs, imagination and movement are a part of the music Lorna and her guitar present. The emphasis is on having fun with your kids while playing music together.

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Lost Creek bluegrass

Tuesday March 31st @ 6:00pm

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Malachi Graham

Thursday April 23rd @ 8:00pm

New old songs steeped in history, poetry, & ole-time Americana. 
Malachi Graham channels her Portland matriarchy in new old songs powered by family lore and ole-time Americana. With a voice that is equal parts Loretta Lynn and 1920s chanteuse, Malachi sings of lost teeth, sleepwalkers, great poets, and ill-fitting historical undergarments. She’s also a writer, historian, and cartographer who has lived in Portland, Spain, and Maine.

Melao de Cuba

Friday April 17th @ 9:00pm

Melao de Cuba: 100% Cuban Salsa Orchestra plays danceable music that uplifts your spirit.
Melao de Cuba is lead by Virginia López


Mo Phillips, Red Yarn, Johnny Keener & Jason

Thursday April 9th @ 5:00pm

Once a month, Red Yarn share his show with Mo Phillips and Johnny & Jason. From 5-7pm

Mr. Ben: music for kids

Children’s music, ages 6 and under
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Poetry Slam Fundraiser

Tuesday April 28th @ 6:00pm

Quiz Jr.: for Families

Bring your kids down for this family team trivia quiz.

Quizissippi Team Trivia

Quizissippi Team Trivia hosted by Molly Newman. Voted Best Trivia in Portland by the readers of the Portland Mercury. “PDX Approved” 2014
Wednesdays, 7:00 pm, sing up is at 6:30pm.
Ready for “the best trivia on Wednesday nights on Mississippi Avenue?” Grab your friends and head down to Quizissippi for a night of questions, answers, music, movies, pizza, beer and general mayhem. Teams of up to five players compete for cash prizes, and even bottom-scoring teams can take home a gift certificate. From physics to pop culture, there’s a topic for everyone. Check out for upcoming themes and bonus items. New players get bonus points just for showing up! Sign-ups start at 6:30. Quizzing starts at 7:00. Admission is $2/player. Intended for adults.

Rats Gone to Rest String Band

Tuesday March 24th @ 6:00pm

Red Yarn kids show

Songs & Puppets! Red Yarn (Andy Ferguson) is one of Portland’s favorite performers. He gets the kids participating in his shows and his songs draw from the great American songbook of folk music. Adults enjoy him as much as the kids! Join us each week for dinner and a show with Red Yarn! His shows are 5 pm to 6pm every Thursday.

Ritim Egzotik: Raq the Casbah

Saturday April 4th @ 6:00pm

Raq the Casbah February with Lilah Z!

Join Mid East ensemble Ritim Egzotik for another fun filled Raq the Casbah as they play classic Arabic and Turkish music with a great variety of area Belly Dancers in the wonderful Mississippi Music Room!

Our Featured Dancer for February is…

Plus Portland dancers…
Aleksandra, Cassandra Rose, Morgan, Sueleika

This is a family friendly community show that encourages participation of all levels and ages of dancers. There is also plenty of open dance time for the audience.

Saturday, February 7th, 2015, 6-8pm
Adults $5 suggested donation, no one turned away!

Ritim Egzotik brings the fascinating melodies and exciting rhythms of epic mid east music of the 20th century, using traditional and modern instruments.

Event facebook page:

Rogue Bluegrass

Sunday April 12th @ 5:00pm

Rosas y Lluvia presents ¡Alegrias!

Saturday April 11th @ 9:00pm

Brenna McDonald hosts this evening of Flamenco music & dance.

Rosas y Lluvia presents ¡Alegrias!

Mad Jaleo! (pdx flamenco-pop)

Tablao de Rosas (high energy flamenco performance)

Madjaleo is flamenco for the people led by Portland based flamenco singer, dancer, and guitarist Brenna McDonald. With the collaboration of some of Portland’s finest gypsy, jazz, and latino musicians they play songs about los amores y desamores, la magia de la vida, y to en espanol por supuesto.

 Tablao de Rosas is a high energy flamenco performance group made up of local flamenco musicians, singers, and dancers. Based out of the Rosas y Lluvia Flamenco Arts Academy (formerly Stomptown Flamenco), their performances are a celebration of community through flamenco arts.

San Lorenzo and guests

Sunday April 19th @ 8:00pm

Seth Altshuler

Tuesday April 21st @ 6:00pm

Singer, songwriter, he has played with his duo Sloe Loris a number of times at the Pub.

Skidmore Bluffs

Sunday April 5th @ 5:00pm

Skip VonKuske, Bees in a Bottle

Sunday April 5th @ 8:00pm

Skip VonKuske is a member of Vagabond Opera, the duo Groovy Wallpaper and his solo project called Cellotronik, which he will perform tonight. He plays cello, guitar and mandolin and loops them to create a complex song on the spot.

Bees in a Bottle are a new duo to Portland, having re-located from the East Coast.



Supadupa Marimba Bros

Sunday April 19th @ 5:00pm

Upbeat High Energy African Marimba Bands. The supadupa marimba bros are a group of dynaimic young men, mostly in high school, who play enthusiastic up-beat music on african-style xylophones, called marimbas. the ensemble is set up like a choir, with bass, baritone, tenor and soprano ranged instruments. the music mostly originates in zimbabwe but the group also has some original tunes composed by their leader, eric miller, but based on original ideas of some of the members, as well as a few covers of popular tunes by artists such as the beatles. the supadupa marimba bros started off at a school in nw portland called the metropolitan learning center (mlc), where miller teaches marimba as an elective. after a couple of years, the boys went off to different schools but the band stayed together. now in their fourth year of performing, the supadupa marimba bros are sounding better than ever, adding traditional zimbabwean vocals and percussion to the mix. “we are a dynamic outfit and we are ready to rock your world.”

Check out Supadupa Marimba Bros on MySpace


Sunday April 26th @ 8:00pm

Talbot Brothers

Tuesday April 14th @ 6:00pm

Tallulah's Daddy: for kids

Matt Lynch and friends play for the kids.

Tallulah's Daddy: for kids

Wednesday March 25th @ 5:00pm

Temporary Lesbian Bar

Thursday April 9th @ 8:00pm

Temporary Lesbian Bar, DJ & Dancing

Friday March 27th @ 9:00pm

Temporary Lesbian Bar, DJ & Dancing

Friday April 24th @ 9:00pm

This free event is a pop up bar that happens twice a month.

The Alphabeticians

Upbeat, fun, quirky, original music for kids and families
For more information, visit





















The Ed Haynes Show

Thursday March 26th @ 8:00pm

The Ed Haynes Show

Thursday April 30th @ 8:00pm

Singer, songwriter Ed Haynes plays hilarious and heartbreaking songs, sometimes at the same time. This is a monthly show with guests and surprises.

The Gold Country, Breaks & Swells, Modern Relics

Friday April 10th @ 9:00pm

Classic Country and Classic R & B.

The Killing Tree Revival

Sunday April 26th @ 5:00pm

Members of Smut City Jellyroll Society, Three for Silver and others comprise this new band.

The Old Straight Track

Saturday April 25th @ 6:00pm

The Ukeladies

Saturday March 28th @ 9:00pm

This group of women perform a surprising variety of songs with beautiful vocal harmonies and ukuleles.

Toy Trains: for kids

We love rocking your kids’ socks off! Playing gigs and seeing your kids dance like little crazy puppets.

Train River bluegrass

Sunday March 22nd @ 5:00pm

Two Planets, Elton Cray & the Pariahs, ADDverse Effects

Saturday April 25th @ 9:00pm

Hip Hp, Jazz, Funk, Rock.

Two Planets is a live jazz band with a rapper.

Elton Cray & the Pariahs is a live band with an emcee.

ADDverse Effects:




Vinyl Gold, Condition White

Saturday April 4th @ 9:00pm

Vinyl Gold: Original jazz-influenced funk band.

Condition White Condition is a four piece R&B band at its core, exploring jazz, hip hop, & funk elements in the pursuit of deep grooves & a danceable, soulful sound.


Wendy & the Lost Boys

Friday April 17th @ 6:00pm

Rockin Roots Americana

Whiskey Puppy

Saturday March 28th @ 6:00pm

Bluegrass old time madness!