Business Catering

Business Catering Delivery Service

Mississippi Pizza offers delicious artisan pizza, house made salads, bread sticks, and desserts for your business meetings, staff parties, or other events. Our staff can consult with you regarding the catering needs of your particular event.

Here is what Mississippi Pizza offers:

  • Free delivery of pizzas, salads (group or individual size), bread sticks, sodas, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and brownies.
  • Free plates, napkins, parmesan, red pepper flakes, forks, and cups.
  • Free monthly account billing, which includes a discount.
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan pizza, and now available Daiya vegan cheese.
  • All pizzas delivered in warming bags, which may be kept for your event and returned later that day.
  • Larger discounts on large orders.
  • Private room at Mississippi Pizza for your parties or events.
  • Music shows daily, bingo, trivia, karaoke, kid’s shows, and much more-event schedule at

Below is information on how to place an order and the contact person to set up an account.

Only a few of you?


$7.50 for Caesar or Garden Salad with any slice and a fountain soda

$7.75 for Spinach Salad with any slice and a fountain soda

Extra Special Tuesday Lunch special:

$6.50 for 2 simple slices and fountain soda

$7.50 for 2 fancy slices and a fountain soda

To set up an account: Contact Marcella@ 503.475.0011  or She will need your business name, billing address, contact name, phone number and payment info. All accounts are billed monthly.

How to order (with or without an account):

  • Call us @ 503.288.3231 (orders over 15 pies please call us 24 hours in advance)
  • Have your order ready or tell the staff person how many people you have, and we will assist you with how much to order (an 18in feeds about 5 adults).
  • We’ll need your address and location, contact info, detailed information on how to get to your location, and a signer available upon arrival.
  • We accept business checks, cash, and credit cards (if paying by card, please have your card number, expiration date, cvc code, and billing zip code to that card.

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon.