Only Available Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sun

Option 1: Book a Band for Your Event, Keep Your Door

If you wish to book a band for a fundraising event you must first inform us of a few dates you have in mind (at least two months in advance).  Note: room is FREE if date is available and you draw 60-100 people. You may charge a cover (not exceeding $20) or request donations for your fundraising purpose. Typically people have their own invite system b/c we do not advertise/market for you. When you choose this type of fundraising we do not give a percent of sales, you keep what you charge at the door. (You must allow everyday patrons who are not coming for your event, but want to spend time in our back bar, The Atlantis Lounge, pass threw the music room for free.) You might consider getting wrist bands for your guests so that you can distinguish between who is there for your event and just for everyday entertainment. This however must be discussed with Dan @ 503-360-7247 or

Option 2: Donation Box and/or Percentage of Sales

Each month we dedicate one night to support the community (i.e. your school, church, organization, etc.), by setting up a donation box for the evening. Advertising must be done by you for the date of the event. Note that since we only do one a month you’ll need to call as far in advance as possible. The Donation Box is a suggested dollar amount of $2-$5. People may put money and/or their receipts directly into the donation box. 10% of the sales generated by your advertising and promotions will then be donated by us to your org. In order for you to receive that 10% they must put their receipts in the donation box. At the end of the night we will add up the total sales receipts and write a check for ten percent of those sales to your organization. This however must be discussed with Amanda @ 503-348-9006 or beforehand.

We do not have an ATM on site. ATM’s are located in front of Mississippi Studios, at the gas station on MLK and Fremont and in the food cart area on Skidmore and Mississippi.