Party & Event Information

How to schedule a Party or Event in the MISSISSIPPI music room or ATLANTIS LOUNGE bar
(i.e. birthday parties, receptions, soccer parties, football parties, baby showers, etc.)

Make sure to have the following information when emailing or calling:

Information needed for parties/events:

  • Date and Time of event
  • Type of Event
  • Name, Phone number, & Email
  • Number of people (Must be 15+ people)

Information you need to know:

Use of the space will is free, if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Your party is under two hours
  • You end at the agreed time (other parties will be after yours)
  • You help clean up and return the room to how it looked when you arrived. You are responsible for putting up and taking down decorations. You may not use tacks or nails; tape only, please. NO LATEX BALLOONS OR CONFETTI.
  • You understand that the room may be shared with other guests.
  • Private parties can be arranged, but may require an additional fee.

Other important information:

  • No parties Friday or Saturday nights (except in the bar, see below).
  • If your entire party is 21 years old or older, you can have a party in the bar (40 people max) bar opens at 5 pm every day.
  • Cake and cupcakes are allowed, but no other outside food or beverages are allowed due to health department codes.
  • We cannot do individual pre-orders for each person in large parties. If you would like to order ahead of time, your order needs to be placed at one time as one large order. You must place your food order 4 days before your event!!! If you would like the individuals in your party to order individually, they are welcome to wait in line like other guests.
  • If the bar is open during your party, bar patrons will be passing through.
  • Evening parties are limited due to the nightly shows and entertainment, but feel free to call or email to check on availability.

Music for your party or event:

  • We can recommend performers if you are interested in music or other entertainment.
  • If you need help with audio, visual, or sound, arrange this ahead of time with Dan so we can have staff available to help

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    . You will be charged additional fees if a music/sound person is needed.

Cancellations: please call ASAP, so we can offer the space to someone else on the wait list. 

To Schedule a Party or Event:
Please contact Joanna@ 503-505-3087 or