Serving the Local Community

The Mississippi Pizza Pub has been committed to growing our community involvement since we opened our doors in 2001. We have donated towards many non-profit organizations and events in our community, and have opened our doors to fundraisers that help support neighborhood schools and charities. Through the years we have hosted Kid’s Rock Camp performances, local music recitals, sponsored the Mississippi Avenue Mardi Gras Parade, Street Fair, and Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, as well as the Boise Neighborhood Ice Cream Social.

We serve the local community by lending a helping hand; whether by involvement in an internship program to help local youth prepare and gain job readiness skills, or joining the Streets Seats community, creating an outdoor space that may be used by anyone in the neighborhood who wants to sit and enjoy this creative space. Our restaurant is also a family-friendly music venue that brings both up-and-coming artists and well known touring acts to the neighborhood.

There is so much good we can all do in the world, and we at the Mississippi Pizza Pub want to be involved in that process. We can all make a difference in changing and improving the lives of others, while improving ourselves and serving as role models for others. It’s time to put the “community” back in “Community Service.”