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The atmosphere couldn’t possibly be better. There’s a constant line of interesting people waiting for a slice of pizza. The perfect place for people watching. There’s a sign on the wall advertising “Queer Square Dancing.” Really cool music blasts in the background

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. The staff is young. They have to be! Mississippi Pizza Pub  is one hopping place. The staff has to work so hard and so fast. Old guys like me could never hack it.



So, I’m convinced these people were sent here from heaven! Do you have any idea what it’s like to try to eat out with celiac disease? Having to ask 5 million questions, avoiding nearly every item on the menu just to make sure. It’s enough to make you feel like a freak, let alone remove every possible bit of enjoyment out of dining out. But, Mississippi Pizza Pub was amazing, informative and above all kind. Really thoughtful people work there, which is nice to find in a world that generally suffers from a serious shortage of kindness. Did I mention they have Gluten Free beer? It was like being transported to some parallel universe. I love this place!

Portland Monthly

THE PERFECT PIE: The Portland (duh), with an earthy blend of spinach, roasted red peppers, feta, and red onions on a pesto base. An early pioneer of North Portland’s revival, the Mississippi Pizza Pub isn’t so much a pizzeria as an institution. Serving cheesy goodness by the slice or pie—and live music every night—Mississippi’s menu (complete with several veggie and vegan-friendly options) is outshone only by its weekly Portland Spelling Bee, in which contestants bravely spit letters (often incorrectly) between bites of pepperoni. Washed down by one of the eight microbrews on tap in the adjacent Atlantis Lounge, this particular ’za experience is practically a requirement of Stumptown citizenship.

Portland Monthly


Kids Music Shows at Mississippi Pizza

There’s all kinds of interactive musical fun at this N. Portland eatery-slash concert venue. A Saturday afternoon spent in the music room with a table of friends, a few pizza pies and perhaps a pitcher or two is a Must-Do activity for parents of young kids in Portland.

The place gets packed so be prepared for crowds. Most of the tots will jam around in the front and still be visible from the booths. It’s one of those places where it’s loud and it’s OK to be loud yourself. Even on regular nights when no music is playing, Mississippi Pizza is a fun place to hang out. They have board games, yummy pizza (including a gluten-free crust option!) and a nice Portland vibe.


Gluten Free Portland Oregon

If you go to their gluten-free page you will see that they are very serious about being gluten-free. For instance, they have put in a whole separate pizza oven just for the gluten-free pizzas. We think that’s awesome. In addition to pizza, they also have gluten-free beer and other various alcoholic beverages, and live music every night of the week.

We got what we call the “Dave and Sienna special.” It has red pizza sauce AND pesto with extra garlic on the whole pizza and then half mushrooms (for Sienna) and half black olives (for me.) No cheese. Like I said, we did the “take and bake” option where you put the pizza in the oven following their directions. The pizza was awesome. They put the right amount of sauce on the pizza, and didn’t skimp on the ingredients. I know you’re all like: “Yeah OK but THE CRUST Dave, get on with THE CRUST!” So I will get on with the crust. The crust was good. It is definitely more like the kind of crust that is kind of short and a bit crumbly. It was also definitely crunchy. It was almost what I call a Long Island style crossed with a deep dish style. To say what it wasn’t: it wasn’t chewy or bready, which for us was just fine.

Being used to gluten-free pizza crusts that either have a texture like extruded foam, and/or come out of the oven rock hard, we were delighted. While they do make wheat pizza there, they also seem to take enough care to prevent cross-contamination that a person with gluten allergy should be OK (depending on how bad your allergy is, obviously.) We will definitely go back there sometime in the future to do a more complete review of the restaurant itself.


Gluten Free: The Celiac Site

I had a fantastic gluten free pizza there on Father’s Day and was able to wash it down with a gluten free beer beer while listening to a small group that reminded me of what San Francisco should have been like in the 60s. The whole neighborhood is “cool” — what else can I say?!