Want to raise money for your school, church, community, charitable organization, school field trip, or friend in need? Well you can! You can set up a fundraising event at Mississippi Pizza!

Here’s how:

Each month we dedicate a few nights to community fundraising activities. Advertising must be done by you for the date of the event. Note that since we only do about three a month, you will need to call as far in advance as possible (at least a month before.) We have two options for you to raise money.

Option 1: Donation Box and/or Percentage of Sales (Tuesdays or Sundays)

How it works:

  • All of these events are from 5-7PM. (Tuesdays or Sundays)
  • During those times you should provide some kind of music, entertainment, performance, reading, etc. If you do not have any contacts of this type, we may able to find an entertainer- please understand that, in these circumstances, they may not be available for the entire two hours.
  • We will provide you with a donation box that outlines how your supporters can donate to you. People can support you in one of two ways, or both. They can put cash directly into the box. They can also put receipts for their purchases at Mississippi into the box. Mississippi Pizza will donate 10% of all the receipts placed in the box to your organization.
  • At the end of the event, you collect these these receipts in an envelope with the address and recipient information for the check we will send you, and hand it to our staff.

Option 2: Book a Band, Keep Your Door: (Tuesdays or Sundays)

How it works: Same as above except that:

  • These events are from 8PM-11:15PM. (Tuesdays or Sundays)
  • During those times you arrange music, entertainment, a performance, a reading, etc.
  • You charge a cover and keep it. (must not exceed $10 per person)

To book a fundraising event please contact:

Amanda Oelgart (General Manager) at, or through the contact form below.